About Anne Ghrist

Whether it’s a 15 second commercial or a 5 minute Corporate Narration, or bringing the Narrator & characters alive in Children’s Audio Books I rely on my good buddy Curiosity to guide my voice across the story line. Each subject from talking woodland creatures to content about Ancient Civilizations Deserve SHINE, HEART and RESPECT of appropriate emotive resonance.


Managed by: Celia Siegel Management

And, what about My Range?

My “home voice” has textured Resonance that can Humanize Characters as well as Dense Copy allowing the Content to be deliciously Consumed. You’ll find a witty blend of Sass & Class aligned for Moody Branding, even Regal like a Queen for High End & Luxury Products. My everyday girl-talk that’s Casual & Friendly brings a Story with a Warm blanket. A Wink & a Nod cleverness might cause a hearty laugh. And who couldn’t use that?

Let’s Make Stories Come To Life

Relatable Sophistication is not only in my Vocal Range it’s also my Business Model. I hold to the highest standard my Clients, Coaches and Colleagues. Breathing Integrity into the Spirit of all projects tops my to-do list. Being Directable, Accountable & Trustworthy is my Duty as well as my Pleasure. From Down-Home to Cheeky to Luxury Branding to Instructional, My Mission is to make Stories and My Voice’s Mission is to set them Free.

Happy Customers